Emmi-Pet Cleaning

Emmi-Pet Cleaning

£25 for 1st appointment which takes roughly 45 mins (depending on how bad your dogs teeth are) this includes their own tooth brush head to prevent cross contamination, this is a more in-depth clean which needs follow up appointments

£10 for follow up appointments, these take roughly 10-15 mins and are ongoing to keep your dogs teeth clean and fresh

Emmi-Pet Cleaning FAQs

Will I see results straight away?
The results aren’t always instant. Most dogs will need a few sessions before you start to see results. Dogs with excessive build up can take up to 7-10 sessions which should ideally be done over a short space of time for best results, we recommend weekly sessions to start with. Bad breath should improve after a couple of sessions.
Does it hurt the dog?
The Emmi-Pet is completely painless, non vibrating and non invasive. It doesn’t require any brushing or use of sharp objects to remove the build up. Dogs who suffer with rotting/wobbly teeth, bleeding gums will be referred to the vet before any treatment can be started.
How often should they have maintenance cleans?
Every 2-3 weeks is advised for best results but anything up to 6 weeks in between sessions will help to reduce plaque from building up.
What can I do at home to keep the teeth clean?
Natural chews such as yak milk chews, antlers, fish skin, raw bones, pizzles, ears and much more! Avoid giving your dog Dentastix or similar treats as these are full of harmful ingredients and sugars which only add to the plaque build up.



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